Review: Ecco Bella Flowercolor Lipstick -Rosewood 



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Hello beautiful people! So today I wanna share with you one of my absolute favorite lipstick that is completely cruelty free, vegan and made from 100% natural ingredients.

As you already know, My blog is all about vegan and cruelty free fashion and lifestyle. I’m vegan and I eat, wear or exploit animals. Also I don’t use any products that were tested on animals or have animal products inside them.

So-back to the lipstick! It’s by a brand called Ecco Bella and thr shade called Rosewood (I’d say it’s a brownish-brick red). This brand is not vegan but they have some vegan products. Rosewood is the only color I’ve tried so far and I really like it! I use it for almost a year, it’s my go-to lipstick and it’s definitely my favorite! The color matches my skin perfectly, the texture is amazing and it glides on smoothly. I love the High-end packaging and I love the fact that it’s not completely Matt on the lips. Its very moisturizing and does not dry the lips at all. I think this shade would be flattering on any skin tone , because it’s a very natural and neutral color.

Here are some swatches-




If you are interested on buying this lipstick- I really reccomend a great website called iHerb. I also have a 5$ coupon code for you for your first order- just write MDM095 before you are paying.

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what is your favorite lipstick? do you have any recommendations for vegan lipsticks?

Merry Christmas/ Happy Hanukkah for those how celebrate it ❤️

Tons of love and hope to see you next time,

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Winter colors





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Hello my loves! 
I’m not a huge fan of the winter. Yes, it’s true. I am so sensitive to cold climates and my body just cannot handle cold temperature. BUT- there are so many things I love to do in the winter-
1) Watch the rain (only when I am inside the house, for sure)
2) Walk out to the nature with my rubber boots and the coziest coat and have a wonderful adventure
3) Drink a huge mug of hot chocolate!
4) Long, warm shower
5) My favorite thing in the winter- winter clothing and winter colors! I wear this colors all year around because I think they suit me perfectly. So today I want to share with you some of my absolute favorite outfits for the winter
Outfit #1: all black with gold
I love this color combination so much and think it’s super chic and classy.
I wore a casual, black sleeveless sweater with a touch of gold stripes, a black turtleneck underneath the sweater, those classic pair of pants to make this look a little bit more sophisticated and classy and of course- black X gold bag and shades. 



Pants- Mango (similiar here)
sleeveless sweater- Golf (similiar here)
turtleneck – hm (here)
bag- Aliexpress (here)
shoes- Renuar Fashion (similiar here)
Shades- Carolina Lamke Berlin (similiar here)
Outfit #2: the statement mini skirt and over the knee boots
If I had to choose between skirts or jeans- I would definitely go for skirts. I love skirts, and especially A-line miniskirts. For this outfit I wear one of my favorite miniskirts and statement pieces I have in my wardrobe. I love the colors of it, I love the texture of the material (faux suede) and I love the shape of it. It is the kind of skirts I can wear for so many places because I can dress it up for an event or down for a day time casual outfit. 
And the boots- oh, I wish I could wear them all year around! (I feel like a Victoria’s secret model when I wear them, if you know what I mean. lol 😉) This pair of boots is super sexy and matches every single outfit!  


skirt- Adika style (similar here) 
boots- Aliexpress (here)
Sweater- Hm (here)
bag- Aliexpress (here)
smile- Just look at the mirror! 😊
Outfit #3: romantic skirt and faux-leather jacket
I cannot describe how much I love this combination. I think the combination of a super feminine skirt with a faux leather jacket makes the outfit much more mature and cool, and gives it a little twist. I added a huge smile as I always do- It’s the BEST accessory you can have! 😃



 skirt- 1item (here)
Jacket- aliexpress (here)
shoes- Roni kantor (here)
Turtleneck-hm (here)
I hope you enjoyed reading this post
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